Recycling Minds is a socio-cultural project that aims to spread knowledge about the collective narrative practices with social organizations and their transformation agents.

The project aims to promote public health through the "recycling" of understandings and social values​​. That is, it aims to empower the social communities themselves to build up possibilities that solve or better their problems related to social exclusion and violence.

Its main goal is to provide greater scalability of social transformation, by means of the capacitation of educators and/or agents of social transformation (of the communities themselves), that by means ofcollective narrative practices, can provide greater authorship to people in the community and, consequently, better solutions to the problems of that group.

The pilot project, called "Empowering the Transformation Agents", was held at CDI from June thru December 2009. It was organized in four modules: "Roots of the Transformation Agent", "Skills of the Transformation Agent", "Skills of a Team of Transformation Agents" and "The Team in Action."

Reciclando Mentes

Coordenação: Lúcia Helena Assis Abdalla
Coordenadora na Australia: Viviane de Oliveira
Coordenação Documentos Coletivos: Adriana Muller
Equipe: Mônica Guimarães, Patrícia Magacho e Roberta Magacho
Conselho: Ana Luiza Novis

The project has the support of the Dulwich Centre Foundation. The coordinators of the center, Cheryl White and David Denborough, develop culturally appropriate ways of working with children, youth and adults who have experienced significant trauma in various contexts and countries such as Kuwait (working with professionals from Iraq who are opening a center for treatment of trauma in Basra), Rwanda, Canada, Uganda, USA, Zimbabwe and in several Aboriginal communities in Australia.

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